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Natural Eucalyptus

Natural Eucalyptus

Fossilized® Eucalyptus Flooring

Bring a laid-back island-style vibe to your home with Natural Fossilized® eucalyptus flooring. Perfect for punchy tropical motifs or a bold, sophisticated look with reclaimed character, Natural eucalyptus has a look and wood grain similar to white oak or maple with all the eco-benefits of a rapidly renewable material.

The World’s Hardest Flooring

  • Chart-topping Janka Rating
  • 50-year Residential Warranty
  • 10-Coat scratch resistant finish
  • Ultra-low VOC; FloorScore Certified no added urea formaldehyde
  • Milling Style: Wide T&G

  Delivery to Canadian Urban Cities within 5 to 7 Business Days.



High Heel Safe
High Heal SafeNo need to leave your shoes at the door! Fossilized® floors hold up to even the ultimate hardwood killer: stiletto heels.
Pet friendly
Pet Friendly FloorsDog-lovers rejoice!! Fossilized® floors are scratch resistant, paw-tested and proven to stand up against dog claws.
Breathe Easy
Breathe EasyCali Bamboo flooring is ultra-low VOC, so you can rest assured that you’re protecting your family from harmful chemicals.
Scratch Resistant
Designed to Last a LifetimeInstall once and enjoy forever! Fossilized® floors are built on bamboo’s naturally strong design for durability you can count on… for life.

Available formats

Wide T&G
Wide T&G

Preferred by most contractors, traditional T&G (tongue & groove) flooring allows for glue down or nail down installation. Wide planks offer a more contemporary, expansive look.

Manufacturer: Cali Bamboo
Model Number: 7007007600
Grain: Eucalyptus Strand Fossilized
Plank Size: 48″ x 5-3/8″ x 9/16″ (1219.2 x 130 x 14mm)
Milling: T&G (tongue-and-groove)
Characteristics: Smooth Surface, Micro Bevel Edge

Warranty: 50 Year Residential / 15 Year Commercial
Finish : 10 Coat Durability System
Janka Rating :
3393 lbs. to 5407 lbs. See how this compares to other woods
Indoor air Quality: Low Emitting VOC & Prop 65 Compliant. Test Results Available upon Request
LEED Points : EQC4.3 | MRc6 | MRc7
Residential and Commercial
Installation type :
Nail Down or Glue down
Certifications: FloorScore Certified &
FSC available upon request (FSC-C003023)

The World's Hardest flooring

Fossilized® Eucalyptus flooring, Quite Simply The World’s Hardest Floors™

Bamboo Design is proud to be the Canadian distributor for all Cali Bamboo flooring.  Floors that won’t dent, scratch or wear from every day use.

Every flooring product Cali Bamboo manufactures undergoes Janka testing to ensure it will not just hold up but continue looking newly installed for years to come. Cali Bamboo’s Fossilized® eucalyptus flooring is the hardest flooring in the world scoring an unprecedented 5,547 pounds on the Janka test!

The Janka Hardness Scale

The Janka hardness scale, used to determine whether or not a wood species is suitable for flooring, is the primary test measuring wood’s resistance to wear and dentability. How does the test work? The Janka test measures the force required to embed an 11.28mm steel ball halfway into a piece of wood. The higher the amount of force needed, the higher the Janka score and the more durable the wood.

Life happens on your floor. Pick the one that’s built to last.





 Cali Bamboo use 30% more eucalyptus in their proprietary Fossilized® manufacturing.

Get a Sample and Feel the Cali Bamboo Difference ! 



What This Means For Homeowners

The unique combination of Fossilized® strand woven eucalyptus, topped with 10 coats of additional protection, creates a hardwood floor that can stand the test of time… as well as day-to-day life. Cali Bamboo’s Fossilized® Strand Woven eucalyptus flooring is dog-friendly, high-heel safe and unlike many other strand woven eucalyptus floors, is Low VOC flooring making it not only the strongest, but also the safest hardwood floor for your home.   



Flooring Accessories

It’s all in the details. Accessory pieces make every part of your flooring project look and fit great.
All accessories are available upon request, designed to match your floor color.

Quarter Round
Stair Nosing T&G
Stair Tread
Stair Riser

Breathe Easy

ASTM Laboratory Test Results Show Cali Bamboo Flooring 100% Ultra-low VOCs

Customer safety has always been our #1 priority. Bamboo Design & Architecture has been the first Canadian bamboo flooring company to provide homeowners with formaldehyde-free bamboo flooring. Our company is built on values and we are one of the very few that maintains transparency by posting all our testing results online.

  • Several of Cali Bamboo floors register formaldehyde concentration levels as “Not Detectable” with less than 0.000 parts per million (PPM) — this means they are Ultra-low.
  • Even the floors with detectable levels measured 50 times lower than the strictest California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phase 2 standards (0.05 PPM).
  • In fact, test results show that all Cali Bamboo flooring formaldehyde levels were at least half the amount found in the typical air we breathe (0.02 PPM).

Unlike other companies who cut costs by utilizing low quality materials, Cali Bamboo takes great care in their sourcing and manufacturing processes. Their proprietary quality control process, which includes the use of superior materials, adhesives and manufacturing techniques, makes it possible for them to offer a product that is beautiful, durable, eco-friendly and safe. This we why Bamboo Design feels confident about using Cali Bamboo products in our own homes where our children grow up.

Breathe Easy with Cali Bamboo

What is formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde can be a naturally occurring chemical in lower concentrations but is often used for embalming, or as a bonding agent or solvent. Formaldehyde is classified as a volatile organic compound (VOC), meaning it is a chemical that becomes a gas at room temperature. As a result, products made with formaldehyde will release the gas into the air in a process is called off gassing. If higher concentrations of formaldehyde are off-gassed and breathed in, it could cause serious health problems.

How do I protect my family?

Awareness is the best defense. When shopping for new flooring, researching the floor’s formaldehyde emissions and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is vitally important. Flooring is a material that will be in your home for a lifetime, that you and your family will live with everyday. Never install any engineered wood building products in your home without getting the formaldehyde emissions test results first. Only use “interior-grade” pressed wood products (lower-emitting because they contain phenol resins, not urea resins). Use air conditioning and dehumidifiers to maintain moderate temperature and increase ventilation, particularly after bringing new sources of formaldehyde into the home.

Cali Bamboo never cuts corners with the quality of their building materials, adhesives and manufacturing process – and we have the tests results to prove it!

Breathe easy, with Cali Bamboo Flooring.

Installation & Maintenance

Install and Maintain your floors like a pro!

We rounded up everything you need to WOW your family and friends with a flawless install.
Have additional questions? Give us a shout!

Pre-Installation Guide
Prevent DIY blunders and make your floors look great by following the two most important steps: acclimation and expansion gaps.
Installation Instructions
Straightforward with no confusing IKEA diagrams, the official Cali Bamboo Flooring Guidelines help you install with confidence.
Care & Maintenance
Learn how to keep your neighbors ooo-ing and aww-ing at your new floors for decades with proper care and maintenance.

Leed® Credits

Bamboo Design and LEED® certification

All bamboo flooring and plywood products offered by Bamboo Design & Architecture are eligible for LEED® projects.

LEED® credits possible:

IEQc4.4: Low-Emitting Materials (no added urea-formaldehyde)
MRc6: Rapidly Renewable Materials
MRc7: Certified Wood

LEED® Canada has changed the way we see our living, working and learning environments. LEED®, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a certification program directed by an independent organization. It is also an international benchmark for designing, building and operating environmentally friendly and highly energy-efficient buildings.

Interest in low-environmental-impact residential and commercial buildings continues to grow. American studies are already showing that in certain markets, LEED®-certified houses are selling for 8% higher and don’t stay on the market as long as similar uncertified homes.

Visit the Canada Green Building Council’s website to learn more.





Q. Why should I choose Cali Bamboo® Floors For Your Home?
A. There are several advantages to using Cali Bamboo® Flooring as opposed to traditional hardwood flooring.

Environmental Advantage
Eucalyptus is the most environmentally friendly wood product on Earth because it is the fastest growing plant on record. It takes 30-50 years for an oak tree to grow back after it is cut down for wood flooring. Eucalyptus, on the other hand, can be sustainably harvested for flooring every 5-7 years.

Cost Advantage
Eucalyptus flooring actually costs less than most hardwoods. Sounds odd, but because Eucalyptus grows back so much faster than other trees, the overall supply is not in the jeopardy of other hardwoods. Also, because so many individuals and businesses have discovered the benefits of Eucalyptus flooring in the last few years, the size of the product’s market has increased exponentially, bringing down manufacturing and distribution costs.

Logistical Advantage
Unlike most Eucalyptus flooring companies, Cali Bamboo manufactures its own flooring and ships from our own distribution centers, meaning the product will arrive quickly and efficiently. If any problem arises, simply contact us and we will fix it. Your warranty is guaranteed by us, as opposed to an unknown foreign company who may or may not honor it.



Q. How do I care for and maintain my Eucalyptus floors?
A. Please visit our Care & Maintenance document on Installation & Maintenance on this page.


Q. How do I install Eucalyptus flooring?
A: Please visit our Installation Instruction Guide on this page. Straight forward with no confusing IKEA diagrams, the official Cali Bamboo Flooring Guidelines help you install with confidence.

Q. Do you sell Eucalyptus accessories like stair parts and transition pieces?
A: Yes. We sell all types of Eucalyptus flooring accessories and stair parts including Eucalyptus stair treads, Eucalyptus stair risers, Eucalyptus stair nosing, Eucalyptus reducers, Eucalyptus t-molding, Eucalyptus quarter rounds, Eucalyptus thresholds, and Eucalyptus baseboards as well as all the glues and adhesives you will need for to complete your project.