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Grow your business by offering a full range of highly-regarded alternative building materials— including the #1 bamboo flooring in the world! Bamboo Design is your exclusive source for top international, beautiful, durable and sustainable bamboo products that your customers will love.

We’re currently looking for partners who share our passion for the customer experience to be a part of our expanding network in Canada.

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Dealer Flooring Display

Showcase 30+ Cali Bamboo flooring styles and send every customer home with free samples.
Antique Java Fossilized® Bamboo Wide T&G
Antique Java Fossilized® Bamboo Wide Click
Vintage Moonlight Fossilized® Bamboo Wide Click
Boardwalk Fossilized® Bamboo Wide T&G
Natural Fossilized® Eucalyptus Wide T&G
Mocha Fossilized® Eucalyptus Wide T&G
Java Fossilized® Bamboo Wide T&G
Java Fossilized® Bamboo Wide Click
Mocha Fossilized® Bamboo Wide Click
Distressed Mocha Fossilized® Bamboo Wide Click
Natural Fossilized® Bamboo Wide Click

Dealer Resources

Explore a collection of free materials designed to enhance your customer service and ramp up your sales.

Updated Price Sheets

View, download and print our most recent price sheets on our World’s Hardest Floors.  Including Fossilized® Eucalyptus, as well as our floors accessory

Cali Bamboo Dealer Catalogs

Inspire your customers’ next project with our catalog, jam-packed with beautiful photos and application ideas.

Pre-Installation Guide

Ensure a smooth install for all your customers by reminding them of the two most important steps: acclimation and expansion gaps.

Flooring Guidelines

Learn tricks of the trade and help your customers install with confidence through our detailed flooring installation guide.

Care & Maintenance

Show your customers how to keep their floors looking newly installed for decades through proper care and maintenance.

Power your business by offering the World’s Hardest Floors to your customers.

See what makes Bamboo Design the ultimate green building source!