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See our Floors in your Home Instantly using our Room Visualizer

The Bamboo Design Visualizer is an augmented reality application designed to offer a rendering of what a Cali Floor could look like in your own environment.

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Take note

Not all products are suitable for every room. Actual colors, patterns and scale may vary in appearance in a natural environment. Please contact Bamboo Design for custom project support and to help you make your final decision.
Bamboo Design will not be held responsible if the final choice is made using only this visualizer.


Get samples!

For a better overview of the color of your selected floors, order 6 samples for $19.95 including delivery.
Your payment will be deducted from your floor purchase. Delivery anywhere in Canada.

Get Samples

Order your samples today! You can order up to 6 samples of 8 inches (20.32cm) at a total cost of 19.95$ including delivery. Amount will be reimbursed on your next flooring purchase.

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