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Uprush Legends

Uprush Legends

Cali Vinyl Extra Wide

Uprush Legends delivers everything you love about a real hardwood plank, captured in high-performance, waterproof luxury vinyl. With detailed textures and rich wood tones, boards fill rooms with natural charm and offer a range of colors made to uplift any home.

12mm, A Big Practical Advantage

  • Extra-large planks are 60” long x 9” wide and 12mm thick
  • Built-in underlayment cushion for quieter rooms
  • Authentic hardwood grain and surface texturing
  • 100% waterproof & easy to clean in any room
  • 20mils Protective wear layer helps prevent scratches
  • FloorScore Certified and safe for families and pets
  • 50-year Residential Warranty
Delivery to Canadian Urban Cities within 5 to 7 Business Days.


20 mil
Superior Wear LayerA more muscular construction means flooring that lasts. Planks are shielded by an industry-leading 20mil scratch-resistant wear layer.
50 years warranty
Built to LastLife happens but with a smarter, stronger design, our vinyl floors are prepared for the good days and the bad, all backed by a 50 year residential warranty.
HiFi ImagingUltra-high fidelity wood grain combined with twice as many unique planks. Captures the colors, grains and textures of real hardwood.
Water-Safe Wood FloorAquaDefy technology ensures diehard moisture protection, perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and below-grade spaces like basements.

Available formats

Extra Wide Click
Extra Wide Click

Brand: Cali Vinyl Legends
Model Number: 7902600700
Size: 9″x 60″ x 12mm
Attached pad: 1.5mm membrane IXPE
Construction: 100% Waterproof (WPC wood plastic composite)
Grain: Light Wood Grain
Rapid Click-Lock
Wear Layer: 20mil. / 0.5mm


Warranty: 50 Year Residential
Indoor Air Quality: Low Emitting VOC & Prop 65 Compliant (VOC and Phthalate Test Results Available Upon Request)
Certification: FloorScore® Certified
Points LEED®: EQC4.3
Application: Residential
Installation Type: Float
Radiant Heat Compatible: Yes (up to 29C / 85F)
Temperature Range: 0°C to 45°C (32°F-113°F)


Flooring Accessories

It’s all in the details. Accessory pieces make every part of your flooring project look and fit great.
All accessories are available upon request, designed to match your floor color.

Quarter Round
Overlap Stair Nosing
Stair Tread

Commercial Durability

Commercial Durability
Cali Vinyl can handle whatever life has in store.

We’ve remastered vinyl flooring to be moisture resilient, stronger, more comfortable and quieter while maintaining the beauty and uniqueness of true hardwood flooring.


Extra Long Planks

For faster installations that make rooms feel bigger and more open.

Thick is better.

The Cali team challenged their designers to develop the thickest wear layer on the market and they delivered. Extra-thick and developed for commercial applications, your patience may wear thin but your floors certainly won’t.

Whether your concerns are high traffic, pets, kids or all of the above, our scratch resistant wear layer will keep your floors looking freshly installed for decades to come.


 Fear moisture no more.

Cali Vinyl is constructed top-to-bottom to be 100% waterproof.  Ideal for all moisture prone areas of the home including kitchens, baths and basements, Cali Vinyl slays the moisture monster for good.

Don’t take our word for it, get samples and give them the bucket challenge today!




Silence is Golden.

Attached acoustic padding on the underside of each plank boosts sound insulation, making for softer steps and quieter rooms.





Built to Last a Lifetime.

Cali Vinyl is meticulously designed to outperform in even the most demanding environments.  Any climate, any grade, any room in the home, Cali Vinyl is designed to continually impress you for decades to come.

We’ve got your back, Cali Vinyl is giving homeowners 50 years of peace of mind.

Installation & Maintenance

Install and maintain your floors like a pro!

We rounded up everything you need to WOW your family and friends with a flawless install.
Have additional questions? Give us a shout!

Installation Instructions
Straightforward with no confusing IKEA diagrams, the official Cali Bamboo Flooring Guidelines help you install with confidence.
Care & Maintenance
Learn how to keep your neighbors ooo-ing and aww-ing at your new floors for decades with proper care and maintenance.

Installation items

Download all the information you need to install your flooring floor like a pro.

Cali Vinyl Legends spec sheet
Get to know your flooring down to every last detail.
Cali Complete™ All-in-One Underlayment
Everything you need to know about the do-it-all, non-toxic and 100% recyclable underlayment for floating installations.


Q. Is Cali Bamboo® flooring safe for my family?
A. Customer safety has always been Bamboo Design’s #1 priority. Cali Bamboo utilizes only the highest-quality manufacturing techniques and adhesives to ensure that their flooring is free of harmful chemicals. All their flooring is tested by the leading emissions detection laboratory Benchmark International for volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


Q. Will Cali Vinyl flooring do well in my area or climate?
A. Yes! Because LVP does not expand and contract minimally with changes in temperature and humidity, this floor will work perfectly in all regions of Canada and the U.S. Please make sure to follow our vinyl floor installation guide to ensure your floor will last a lifetime.


Q. How do I install Cali Vinyl flooring?
A. Our easy-to-follow installation guides for Vinyl Flooring can be found here in section “Installation & Maintenance”.


Q. Do you sell Cali Vinyl accessories like stair parts and transition pieces?
A. Yes. All Cali Vinyl flooring products have matching accessories available for purchase. Cali Vinyl flooring accessories and stair parts can be here in section “Accessories”. Accessories include stair treads, stair risers, stair nosing, reducers, t-molding, quarter rounds, thresholds, and baseboards.


Q. Is LVP compatible with radiant heat?
A: Yes. Radiant Heat Compatible up to 29 Celsius degrees (85°F).


Q. How will Cali Vinyl flooring hold up to dogs and scratching?
A. For all pet lovers, you’ll be happy to learn that all Cali Vinyl floors have been designed with an industry leading scratch resistant finish that keeps your floors looking fresh for years, even with active furry friends of all sizes.


Q. Does exposure to UV light effect luxury vinyl plank?
A: Yes. Similar to other flooring types, it is best to limit direct sunlight on the floor by utilizing curtains and blinds in areas that are exposed to high UV rays.


Q. Can I use rugs or mats on my luxury vinyl tile floor?
A: Yes. However, the use of rugs with solid rubber or vinyl backings are not recommended due to possible floor staining. We recommend rugs that are made of a breathable material to prevent moisture entrapment and/or using a breathable rug underlay. Mesh or grid patterns are best.


Q. With Cali Vinyl, do you need to worry about edge curling?
A: No. Cali Vinyl is constructed with a 20mil commercial wear layer (7mm thickness) and a BPC core to endure high traffic, pets, kids or all of the above, our scratch resistant wear layer will keep your floors looking freshly installed for decades to come.

Previous generations of vinyl flooring was constructed extremely thin and malleable, like a wallpaper for your floor. Cali Vinyl is the next generation Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring, bringing you Vinyl Flooring Remastered.